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Since September, five apprentices have been working for Ardmore on the Wornington Green site as part of a joint initiative between the contractor and Catalyst Gateway. Let’s meet the apprentices and find out a bit more about what the scheme means to them.

  • “I’m learning new things every day, which is great,” says Adnan, who is clearly enjoying the life of an apprentice electrician. Adnan has lived in Ladbroke Grove all his life, and part of the appeal of the new role is being able to see the new homes at Wornington Green and knowing that he had done something towards them. “I definitely want to work at Wornington Green until all the phases are built,” he says, “and then who knows? Maybe become a supervisor, or further down the line start my own business.”
  • Born in Eritrea before moving to the UK six years ago, Million has had a more complicated journey to the apprenticeship scheme than most. Keen to work hard and make his way in the world, Million had previously been a painter and decorator, but plumbing was always close to his heart. “When I was young, I told my Dad that I wanted to be a plumber when I grew up. When they told me I was to be an apprentice plumber, it was like I hit the jackpot. It’s completely life-changing for me.”
  • It was a leaflet posted through his front door that first made Jack aware of the apprenticeship scheme. “I used to be interested in computers and technology, but I decided a while ago that I wanted to do something more construction-based,” he says, “so I went along to the college and signed-up.” Jack, who grew up in Lionel House at Wornington Green, is now an apprentice plumber, a role that has had a profound effect on him. “It’s really changed me as a person – focusing on a job, picking up a trade and learning new skills has really altered my outlook.”
  • “I’m actually helping to rebuild my childhood neighbourhood,” says Mohamed, and it’s clear this is something he’s incredibly proud of. Having grown up in Paul House at Wornington Green, Mohamed is now helping to create the new development as an apprentice electrician. “I’d done a foundation degree course, but had a change of heart and really wanted to start work, so when my brother told me aboutthe apprenticeship scheme I jumped at the chance. It’s great to know exactly what I’m going to be doing for the next three years and what my goal is – doing the apprenticeship and becoming a qualified electrician.”
  • This is the second time Mohammed has started an apprenticeship scheme, but he’s clearly much happier about where he finds himself now. “I started an IT apprenticeship before, but sitting behind a screen not meeting anyone, that wasn’t for me. I’ve always been more practical, and I get a lot more enjoyment out of plumbing than I ever did with computers.” Mohammed spent most of his youth in Ladbroke Grove, which helps him appreciate the opportunities the scheme gives him. “This gives me a chance to have a proper career and that’s a very, very good feeling that I can’t get from anything else.”



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