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This month’s Spotlight focuses on Lincoln, a life-long resident of Wornington Green, who has been learning a trade since the age of 14.

His work placement with Stapletech, a mechanical and electrical engineering company, in October has further cemented his previous ambitions to train as a plumber.

Working on the basis that “people will always need to get water from one place to another”, Lincoln is attracted to plumbing because of its potential to provide a good livelihood and the opportunity to one day become his own boss. “As a kid I just wanted to have my own business and be rich, and now I know the only way I can do that is to learn a skill and work hard”, he says.

He hopes to start a plumbing course at either Kensington & Chelsea College or West London College next September, where he can obtain professional qualifications as well as valuable on-the-job experience.

Of his own experience via the P2P programme, Lincoln says it has helped him experience the real world and gain an understanding of how to manage his finances and plan for the future. He feels that business education should be a priority for local youth clubs so that young people can learn more about the basics of making and managing money.

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