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This month’s Spotlight focusses on Alex who has been on a work placement with local maintenance and building contractor, Chas Berger, since October and has found the experience a valuable insight into the world of work.

Admitting that he had little idea what he wanted to do upon leaving school last year, Alex was keen to enter the workplace and start earning a wage rather than continuing in education.

While the majority of his friends went on to college, Alex feels that many may be forced to drop-out when the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is scrapped. He feels that the majority of his generation want to better themselves but are caught in a trap where they find it hard to fund their education and aren’t taken seriously enough by the job centres until they reach 18.

Projects like P2P’s work placements programme provide a much-needed bridge for young people to transfer from school life to working life, according to Alex. “I have been lucky enough to be given a great opportunity by P2P and it has helped open doors”, he says.

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