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It’s estimated that in the UK alone we consume twice the amount of meat, dairy and eggs we need and only half of our recommended five-a-day. This not only has huge implications on our health but on the environment and the way animals are being farmed.

Wanting to bring a change to her family’s way of eating and worrying about where her meat was coming from, Texas-born Rachel de Thample set out to explore ways she could eat less meat without having to turn vegetarian. The result is a book that will show you how you can still have your steak and eat it, just with more vegetables and a clear conscience.

The result is a cookbook featuring 150 recipes that contain no more than 50g of meat, fish, dairy or eggs per serving, without you even realising. What’s more, each dish contributes to your five-a-day – even the puddings! You don’t have to transform the way you eat; there are no suggestions for fake bacon or even tofu – just ingenious ways to make the best of your meat, plus lots of vegetables.