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La Pia, a family-run pizzeria, recently opened on Ladbroke Grove and has proved to be an instant success with the locals. La Pia is the first restaurant the family have launched outside of Liguria, a region in north-west Italy, and offers a rustic and authentic menu including a broad selection of delicious Italian pizza, focaccia and antipasti.Its signature dishes include regional speciality farinata, (a thin, unleavened crepe made with chickpea flour), focaccia al formaggio and focaccia alla nutella.

“La Pia offers the real taste of Italy, we have years of experience operating as a family business since 1887 in the La Pia Centenaria restaurants in La Spezia, Liguria.” Alessandro Cherchi, La Pia Manager

Diners can eat in the 40-seat restaurant or takeway, and as well as offering pizzas in three different sizes the Margherita pizza, farina and focaccia al formaggio can be ordered by slice. Takeway orders can also be delivered by Deliveroo.

La Pia, 312 Ladbroke Grove, is open for lunch and dinner. For reservations visit the website: