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  • Will the homes on the new Wornington Green be smaller than existing properties?
    • No – the new homes are being developed to at least the same size as the existing properties. The new homes will be built to Parker Morris Standard – this is the minimum standard for the size of rooms. For example, the total floor area of a two bedroom flat should be a least 73 square meters. Properties on Wornington Green were originally built to Parker Morris Standards, so the new homes will be a similar size.
  • What happens if I don’t want to accept any of your offers of a new home?
    • From listening to you at our consultation events and from carrying out ongoing housing surveys, the regeneration will provide the right –size homes to meet your needs and size of household. However, if you are unhappy with Catalyst Housing’s offer you have the right to appeal. To find out more about the appeal process, please contact Yvonne Williams, Resident Liaison Officer on 020 8964 6415 or Mary Marshall on 020 8964 6447.
  • If I temporarily move off the estate, can I return to a home in the new development?
    • All residents who have to move off Wornington Green on a temporary basis have the right to return to a home in the new development. This will also apply to hidden household and adult household members housed after 9th February 2010. Residents who move off Wornington Green will be given confirmation in writing of their right to return to a new home if that is what they would like to do. You will be placed on a waiting list and an offer will be made when a suitable property is available. For more information contact Eve Wright, Decant Manager on 020 8964 6405.
  • Will I have to pay more rent for my new home?
    • Catalyst Housing has developed a rent guarantee which aims to ensure that you do not pay more rent as a result of the new development. Rent means net rent not including service charges which are in addition. In practice this means if you move into a new home that is the same size as your old property you will pay the same rent for the new property as you paid in their original home. However where a tenant moves to either a larger or smaller property (depending on need) than their original home, they will be treated consistently with other Catalyst Housing tenants not living on Wornington Green. This applies to moves to other Catalyst Housing properties both on and off Wornington Green.
  • Will all the kitchens and bathrooms in the new development have windows?
    • No. A lot of thoughts and planning has gone into the design on the new homes. Windows on opposite sides of properties can only be achieved by using outside corridor access; an arrangement found in the most of the existing blocks. Throughout the design process the borough has not been in favour of this type access for modern development and nor are we. Kitchens are planned as part of the living area so that the whole space is lit by the windows at the front but with the kitchen at the back. This modern arrangement has proved popular with residents on site visits and through previous discussions at focus groups. Most bathrooms will be internal but they will have good artificial ventilation. If you need more information about the designs please contact Conor Kilbane, Regeneration Manager on 020 8964 6432 or Abi Hoskyn Regeneration Officer on 020 8832 3306.
  • What will happen if my current home is too small?
    • If your home is currently overcrowded; your housing needs will be assessed at the re-housing interview. You will be re-housed in a suitable size home.
  • If I live in a large flat but only need one bedroom, will I be forced to move into a one bedroom flat?
    • Under-occupying residents will be re-housed into a property which suits his or her current needs, but you will be entitled to an offer of a property one bedroom size above your housing need if you wish. Proposed changes to how housing benefit is calculated may mean that you will have your housing benefit reduced if you are of working age and under occupying your home. We will ensure that you are fully informed of your housing benefit entitlement so that you can make an informed choice.
  • What are my options for re-rousing?
    • All residents are entitled to a new home in the redevelopment. There will also be limited options for re-housing in Catalyst Housing’s housing stock off Wornington Green, where residents have a specific need to move to another area (either to provide or receive support). Assistance, support and advice will be offered to tenants wanting to move out of the area, or out of London. If tenants are interested in home ownership and are in a position to do so, Catalyst Housing will offer support through its ‘Tenants’ Incentive Scheme’ which offers an incentive payment to enable tenants to buy a property on the open market. The incentive will vary from £15,000 to £40,000 depending on the size of the property being given up. Shared ownership and HomeBuy are also available, with a financial incentive for tenants to cover legal fees and stamp duty. To discuss your re-housing options contact Yvonne Williams, Resident Liaison Officer, on 020 8964 6415 or Mary Marshall on 020 8964 6447. If you would like to find out more about our shared ownership scheme contact Matthew Brazier, Sales Team Leader on 020 8832 3302.
  • What parking arrangements has Catalyst Housing put in place for tenants?
    • Once Wornington Green is redeveloped there will be an opportunity for more on-street parking as a result of the new streets being built. Existing residents of Wornington Green will be eligible to apply for a RBKC parking permit which allows parking across the borough.
  • I would like to move to another area as soon as possible. Do I have to wait until there is a firm timetable for the redevelopment of the estate?
    • Residents in the next block(s) to be demolished will have priority for rehousing but we will try to assist you earlier if we can.
  • Must I move from the area while new homes are being built?
    • No, we want to keep the community together. We will work with you to ensure that if you do have to move temporarily, it is to somewhere suitable either on Wornington Green or within the local neighbourhood, until your new home on Wornington Green is ready.
  • Will I be forced to live in a temporary property I do not want to live in?
    • We will only offer you a property that is suitable for you. If you feel that a property is not suitable, we will provide a second option. If you are unhappy with both options, you have the right to appeal. To find out how you can do this, please contact Yvonne Williams on 020 8964 6415 or Mary Marshall on 020 8964 6447.
  • If I have to move out temporarily how long will it be for?
    • We will ensure that the time you spend in a temporary home is as short as possible, but the time will depend on when your new home will be ready. If you really enjoy living in your temporary home, and it is not on Wornington Green, it may be possible for you to stay there permanently.
  • I really don’t want to move into a temporary flat – even for a short period. How will you decide if this is necessary?
    • We realise that temporary moves will not be popular and we will try our best to have as few of these moves as possible. However, particularly in the early part of the redevelopment, there may not be enough new homes of the right size to meet everyone’s needs. You may also have particular requirements (such as a need of ground floor accommodation) that cannot be met until more new homes have been built. If you do have to move to a temporary home, we will make every effort to find you something locally. Where we have no option but to move you out of the borough for a short period, we will assist you with meeting any extra cost associated with your need to relocate temporarily.Tenants who have medical problems, who are disabled or have children in local schools or where a temporary stay out of the area would have a particularly detrimental effect on their circumstances, will be given priority for local accommodation.
  • What type of heating facilities will the new homes have?
    • All new homes in the redevelopment will be served from a ‘district heating’ and ‘combined heat and power’ system to provide heating and hot water. This is because there is new legislation in place to encourage a greener approach to heating the new homes. The new heating and hot water system should save residents money through cheaper bills. It also reduces the carbon footprint of every home. It looks and works very much the same way as a normal central heating system. You will have radiators in your new home which will have a thermostatic control so you can decide what temperature you would like in each room. Hot water will come from a heat exchanger/cylinder straight to the hot taps. You will only pay for the heating and hot water that you use. Alongside the high levels of thermal insulation in the new properties, all residents can expect to stay warm and save money.
  • Will I be allowed to take my pet/s to my new home?
    • Some tenants on Wornington Green Estate already have permission to keep pets and have asked if they will be allowed to take their pets with them into the new development.Our approach to pet ownership in the new development is still to be agreed as part of the ground rules. In the meantime, we have agreed that Wornington Green tenants will be able to request permission from Catalyst Housing to take their existing pet(s) with them, as long as they have not caused anti social behaviour. For more information about the Pet Policy for existing tenants moving into the new development, please contact Sue Hannah on 020 8964 6448.


  • What have you done to consult?
    • We carried out extensive consultation amongst residents to arrive at the approach to decanting Wornington Green that is being followed. We will continue to consult with you as the project moves forward and will be looking for more innovative ways to reach as many tenants as possible.
  • My daughter and my son are both over the age of 18, can they be re-housed separately?
    • Yes. There is the opportunity for adult household members, aged 18 or over (usually sons or daughters of the tenants but other family members may be eligible) to be re-housed into their own separate accommodation, including the option of a new home in the redevelopment. Individuals who wish to be re-housed in this way must be able to provide evidence that their current address has been their principal residence since August 2006. To discuss your circumstances please contact Eve Wright, Decant Manager on 020 8964 6405.
  • I have lived close to my present neighbours for many years. Can we be moved to the same part of the new estate in the new development?
    • We recognise that the great sense of community is important to residents on Wornington Green. This is why we are working to produce a re-housing plan which keeps neighbours together if that is what they want.
  • What support is Catalyst Housing putting in place for older and vulnerable residents?
    • Catalyst Housing is currently working on a project with Age Concern to address the needs of older residents on Wornington Green. A community outreach worker has been employed to provide support to older residents living on the estate and increase access to local services and activities. For more information contact Nick Whitty, Community Investment Officer on 020 8964 6434.
  • Is Catalyst Housing going to demolish the Venture Centre?
    • It has been agreed that the service provided by the Venture Centre should be continuous. In practice, this means that the new facility will be built and open before the Venture Centre is closed and demolished.


  • If I move twice, will I receive further financial help?
    • Yes. If you are a tenant from Wornington Green and have been living in your temporary accommodation for more than a year, when you need to move again into your permanent home – you will receive a second home loss and disturbance payment.
  • How can I afford to move home? Will Catalyst Housing help with the cost?
    • All tenants who have lived in their present home for at least a year and have to move because of the regeneration will be entitled to a Home Loss Payment. This is currently £4,700. Tenants will also receive a Disturbance Payment to cover removal costs and other costs, such as the disconnection and reconnection of appliance, and buying new carpet and curtains. Other payments will depend on your circumstances. If you are an ‘under occupier’ have more bedrooms than you need and would like to downsize to a smaller property, Catalyst will pay you £5,000 for each bedroom you give up, £2,000 for giving up a garden and £8,000 for giving up a house for giving up a house. For example if you live in a three bedroom house with a garden and you move to a two bedroom flat, you would receive £15,000.

      If you would like to arrange an appointment to talk about any of these payments, please contact Yvonne Williams, Resident Liaison Officer on 020 8964 6415 or Mary Marshall on 020 8964 6447.

  • I am on benefits. Will these be affected if I accept payment?
    • You can have savings up to up to £6,000 without your benefit entitlement being affected. If you are offered more than this, then you may prefer to take the extra amount as enhancements to your new home, such as some new furniture for your new kitchen.
  • Will adult household members receive Home Loss Payment?
    • No. Adult household members who are re-housed separately will be eligible to receive a start up payment of £500 to help them set up their new home.

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