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Block 1 Update

The apartment block on Wheatstone Road will be the first block to be built. It will sit behind the mews houses within Block 1. The image shown is a computer generated image (cgi) of the apartment block, looking at it from the Portobello Road end.

The list below provides a breakdown of all properties included in Block 1.

Mix of Kensington Housing Trust for rent properties in Block 1:
In the apartment block there will be:

  • 29 x 1 bed flats
  • 13 x 2 bed flats
  • 5 x 3 bed flats
  • 15 x 3 bed maisonettes (also known as duplexes)

There will also be 3 x 1 bed Shared Ownership flats

There will also be Mews Houses available for existing residents (to rent):

  • 7 x Mews Houses

Mix of for sale properties in Block 1:
In the apartment block there will be:

  • 21 x 1 bed flats
  • 24 x 2 bed flats

There will also be Mews Houses for sale:

  • 1 x Mews flat
  • 8 x Mews Houses

Process for allocating properties in Block 1
The first priority for allocating the new affordable properties is to re-house residents to support delivery of the redevelopment timetable. This includes residents living in Faraday House (the next block due to be demolished) and residents who need to move into Block 1 because suitable accommodation is not available elsewhere before they need to move.

The next group of people who will be allocated properties in Block 1 are residents from Wornington Road and Munro Mews who have already moved to enable Block 1 to be built who have expressed a preference to return as soon as possible.

Residents living in Lionel, Telford and Wheatstone Houses will then be prioritised (as these blocks are next in line for demolition after Faraday House). Properties will be offered to households in priority order e.g. those with the highest housing need will be offered a property first. Any properties that are left will be allocated to tenants with the highest housing need in later phases (if their housing need can be met).

Tenants with limited mobility will be prioritised for the lower floors, in line with their medical assessments. We will also try ‘where possible’ to keep neighbours close together, if that’s what they want.

Tenants will be offered a property ‘off plan’ and residents will also be asked to make choices about their kitchen and flooring.

For more information about the allocation plans for Block 1 please contact Eve Wright (Decant Manager) or Sue Hannah (Estate Manager).