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Proposed Changes to Condition 42

What is Condition 42?

 As part of the planning permission granted by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC), there are a number of planning conditions which we must agree to. One of these – Condition 42, requires all new homes within the development to reach a certain level of sustainability. This means meeting modern standards in terms of energy efficiency and carbon emissions. Each property is then given a certificate to prove it has reached the required standard.

Why have we decided to remove Condition 42?

We have made an application to RBKC to remove the condition and are currently awaiting a decision. We have made this application on practical grounds, as we estimate that it could take a further six months to obtain the necessary certification to satisfy the condition. This delay would mean unnecessary delays to the regeneration programme and would further inconvenience tenants who are waiting to be re-housed in the new development.

Does this mean that the new homes will no longer be as environmentally friendly?

Not at all. We will still stick to the same sustainability targets. We remain wholly committed to achieving its sustainability targets (Code Level 4) as approved in the original planning permission and we will be introducing a range of measures to achieve this that will ultimately provide residents with new homes that are cheaper to heat and run.