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Dos & Don’ts

To ensure that the Estate is maintained as a good place to live for all residents, it is important that everyone takes responsibility for maintaining standards.The following guidelines offer some tips on how residents can play their part in keeping the estate as clean and safe as possible.

Every resident has personal and community responsibilities which are outlined in their tenancy agreement. KHT will take action against residents causing nuisance and anti social behaviour. If your neighbours are causing nuisance or anti social behaviour, please contact Farah Ebrahem on
020 8964 6449.

Rubbish Disposal – Please ensure that you dispose of any rubbish into the chutes located within your block, and do not leave rubbish bags lying around the chutes or in front of the bins. Where possible, avoid dragging bags along the floor as this often results in them splitting and leaving rubbish and debris. This is especially important in the summer months in order to deter vermin and pests.

Pigeon Feeding – Please do not feed the pigeons which congregate in the car park area facing Lionel and Wheatstone House. This is attracting vermin to the area so please discourage any children or neighbours from this habit as we are keen to deter pigeons from the estate.

Dog Fouling – KHT politely requests that all dog owners exercise their pets responsibly and ensure they don’t foul in communal areas. The grassed and fenced areas of Wornington Green are being used for dog fouling, and this is a reminder to all dog owners that the fenced areas must not be used for dog fouling under any circumstances. We would like to remind residents that dog fouling is extremely unhygienic and has serious health consequences, especially for young children.

Hazardous TV/satellite/cable wires – Please ensure that any TV/satellite/cable wires are not left exposed in the communal, roof or fire exit areas. Exposed cable wires are a health and safety trip hazard. Any cable wires should be correctly aligned to the walls of your property. Please work with your cable provider to ensure that no wires are left hanging, or exposed in a manner which is deemed to be unsafe.

Security Doors – As a general reminder please continue to report security exit doors which aren’t working to Repairs. All you need to provide is the name of your block and the door code which is located on the top right hand side of the door.