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Welcome to Ubeeqo Car Club

As part of our planning agreement with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, we’ve committed to provide access to a car club. All residents of Wornington Green and Portobello Square now have access to FREE Membership and £10 Driving Credit with Ubeeqo car club, here:

You should have received a letter from Ubeeqo recently regarding this.

What is Ubeeqo?
Ubeeqo provide convenient and cost-effective
ways from one single platform for users to hire
vehicles throughout London. They offer a wide
range of vehicles at various locations for short
and long-term hire. Their vehicle rental costs
start from £3 an hour and consist of Fiat 500s,
Mercedes GLA, Volkswagen Golfs and vans.

How does it work?
You can book a car in advance or last minute,
depending on availability, through the app or
an online browser by simply logging into your
account and finding a vehicle near your location.
Ubeeqo have other locations nearby on Oxford
Gardens, Southern Row and Chesterton Road
which are available to use as well if the vehicles
on Bonchurch Road are in use.

Before your booking starts, you’ll be sent a
confirmation email that your car is ready to be
used. The car will be parked on Bonchurch Road.
The car can be unlocked with a contactless
credit/debit card, Oyster card or Ubeeqo
membership card. You can find the keys in
the glove compartment.

How do you sign up?
You can sign up online or through the app. It will
ask you to fill in your contact details and there
will be a section to upload your driving licence
images and DVLA check code. The DVLA check
code only applies if you have a UK driving licence.
Once you have uploaded those documents,
the Ubeeqo team will review your documents
and check whether they require any further
information. Once all your checks are complete,
someone from the team will give you a call to
verify your application.