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Design Working Group

The Design Working Group has been up and running since the beginning of the year. They’re a group of residents on Wornington Green and Portobello Square, who have signed up to be involved in influencing the detailed design of Phase 3.

We advertised for Design Working Group members in autumn last year, through flyers to all households and at Portobello’s
Park Party. The group includes residents from the old and new buildings, and private owners as well as tenants.

The group have agreed their terms of reference and the programme of workshops, and held the first two detailed design sessions.

If you’re interested in joining the Design Working Group, please contact NewmanFrancis, your Independent Tenants’ Advisors, on 0800 644 6040 or

Session Dates
Non-residential spaces: Includes: retail units and community
5 March (complete)
Routes, Paths and Access
Could include: landscaping, road layouts,
parking, street furniture, public art.
2 April (complete)
External Building Appearance
Could include: elevations, building
materials, balconies.
7 May
Internal Communal Areas
Could include: entrances, corridors,
bin stores, bike stores.
4 June
Inside the New Homes
Could include: internal layouts, kitchens,
bathrooms, materials.
2 July

We’ll give updates on what the Design Working Group have been
doing at RSG meetings and quarterly public meetings. Look out
for details of these from our Independent Tenants’ Advisors.

You’ll also be able to find out more about what the group have
been doing, and give your own views, at our next consultation event.