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Creating Murchison Gardens

Once Murchison and Wells Houses have been demolished, we’ll begin creating Murchison Gardens.

This will be a new road in Phase 2 of the regeneration of Wornington Green, to replace the existing link road between Portobello Road and Wornington Road. This will improve wayfinding and safety in the area, and help to knit the development into the existing street pattern.

We expect the work to begin in late summer or early autumn of this year, and take about five months. The start date is dependent on completion of the demolition. RBKC have granted the necessary permissions for the works.

How will the work affect me?

  • The link road will be closed while Murchison Gardens is being created. During this time, access between Wornington Road and Portobello Road will be via Bonchurch Road, Munro Mews and Golborne Road.
  • Before we begin, we’ll prepare new routes around the area of the work so you can still get around on foot when the road is closed. The contractor will create a new entrance to the Chesterton House car park, a new footpath to Katherine House and new steps to 1-3 Katherine House. Access to surrounding buildings will be maintained throughout the work.
  • Other pavements around the site will remain but may be temporarily diverted due to temporary works or construction traffic flow.
  • The community kitchen garden will only be accessible from the steps opposite Pepler House. The access to the garden from the link road will be closed.
  • The Murchison car park and the footpath alongside it will stay open throughout the works.
  • The site hoarding currently around Murchison and Wells Houses will be extended to contain the area of the road works. This will secure the site and protect the public.
  • Construction traffic will enter the site via Wornington Road and leave via Portobello Road, as agreed in the construction traffic management plan approved by RBKC. Traffic marshals will be on duty during working hours.
  • At the busiest points in the works, we anticipate that around 20 vehicles will enter and leave the site each day. This won’t be the case throughout the works, however; the average number of trips per day will be lower, and on some days there will
    be none.
  • The work will involve some pneumatic drilling at the start. This will be the noisiest part; the rest of the work will create a level of noise similar to the construction of Bond Mansions.
  • As with the demolition, all work will take place within strict site hours of 8am to 6pm. Noisy works are restricted by RBKC to weekdays, 9am to 5.30pm.
  • Air quality will be monitored throughout the works.
  • There are currently 22 car parking spaces along the link road. These will close once the works begin. 13 spaces will be reprovided on Murchison Gardens; most of the rest will be replaced on Athlone Gardens, which is part of Phase 2b.