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Catalyst Gateway


This neighbourhood is known for its lively community, and is full of fantastic initiatives that have grown straight out of what people here need and enjoy. Throughout the regeneration, Catalyst Gateway has and continues to support those initiatives to grow in strength and scope.

A key success for Catalyst Gateway over the past year was launching a four-year Community Programme at Venture Centre, to enable the delivery of activities that create opportunities for local children to learn, achieve and thrive.

The programme provides a mixture of year-round activities for local children aged 5-14, as well as exciting specialist projects during school holidays. Some of the fantastic activities that local children enjoyed during the sun soaked summer holidays include:

Residential Summer Camp, Isle of Wight

40 local children attended a four-day back to basics/life skills Summer Camp on the Isle of Wight. Children were given the opportunity to embrace every aspect of camp life, from sharing dorms to scaling climbing towers, developing valuable life skills and building self-esteem, whilst making new friends free from the distractions of a busy urban environment.

Notting Hill Community Carnival Arts Project

Over 50 local children attended a range of creative workshops, including: steelpan and music theory with Candy Mas and Ebony Steel band; design and make your own carnival costume; and carnival inspired cooking sessions. The kids then proudly took to the streets to dazzle the masses with their amazing costumes during Notting Hill Carnival Parade on Sunday 25th August.