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Building Phase 2b: Next Steps

On 1 October, we began laying a community heating pipe under Wornington Road. This pipe will connect the plant room in Phase 1 with Bond Mansions, to provide these homes with heating and hot water.

The work will take about 8 weeks.

During this time:

  • Vehicle access to Pepler House and Wornington Road will be via Portobello Road only (not via Golborne Road or Faraday Road). You will still be able to get to Golborne Road along Wornington Road on foot.
  • Parking will be suspended between Bonchurch Road and Breakwell Court.
  • From 12 October, a section of Wornington Road will be subject to closures for a period of about 20 days. This will be the section between Bonchurch Road and Watts House. The part of this section of road that is closed will change from week to week. We’ll use the chalkboards on the Bond Mansions site hoarding to let you know what’s happening next, so please keep an eye out.
  • You will still be able to access the Venture Centre on foot throughout the works.

We’ll wait to demolish Murchison and Wells Houses until the district heating pipe has been laid. This is to avoid closures on Wornington Road while there is also increased traffic (due to construction vehicles) on Portobello Road.

After that, the next step will be to realign the road that links Portobello Road and Wornington Road, creating Murchison Gardens. We’ll give more details on this work in the next issue of Here & Now.