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Kicking off Consultation on Phase 3

We’ve begun developing the detailed design for Phase 3.

The designs for Phase 3 include:

  • Between 300 and 355 new homes
  • The reprovided community facility, at the current site of Portobello Hall
  • Further spaces for community use
  • 1675 sqm of commercial space
  • New road connections from Portobello Road to Ladbroke Grove and Wornington Road
  • A new public space at the junction of Ladbroke Grove, Barlby Road and Portobello Road
  • The next part of the redelivered Athlone Gardens

Consultation for Phase 3 kicked off at Portobello’s Park Party in September. Catalyst and Conran & Partners, with support from the RSG, hosted a stall where residents could get to know the team and comment on developments in the Phase 3 masterplan.

Comments from visitors to the stall included:

‘I would like to see the street pattern back as it was’

‘It’d be great to have an open space/square type area with coffee shops etc.’

‘Features and design of the public spaces to serve the local residents’

‘I think we have the best neighbourhood so anything to improve it would be great.’

Developments to the original masterplan include moving the new community facility to the position of the current Portobello Hall. This will allow us to deliver the facility earlier, as well as making it more visible and encouraging more visitors.

The stall was just the beginning of the consultation process for Phase 3; there will be lots more chances for you to get involved. See below for more details.


October/November – Recruiting Design Working Group members

Late November – First Design Working Group (agreeing terms of reference and workshop topics)

January-March 2019 – First series of Design Working Group meetings

February 2019 – Consultation event: showing the evolving design

February/March 2019 – Outreach: taking the first consultation event out to local community groups

May-June 2019 – Further Design Working Group meetings

June 2019 – Consultation event: how the design has evolved

June/July 2019 – Outreach: taking the second consultation event out to community groups

July-November 2019 – Developing planning application

November 2019 – Planning submission

The Design Working Group is for residents of Wornington Green and Portobello Square who want to be involved in the design of Phase 3. For more information, please email