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Update on Phase 2

Bond Mansions, the first set of buildings in Phase 2, is well underway and on schedule to be completed in early summer 2019.

The internal cores of the buildings are complete and the outer walls begun. They’ll soon start taking shape as a place for our residents to live.

Bond Mansions consists of 91 new apartments, of which 60 will be for social rent. Our Rehousing team have now allocated all of these homes.

Most of the people moving into Bond Mansions live in the current buildings in Phase 2b: Katherine, Macaulay, Chesterton, Chiltern and Watts Houses and Breakwell Court. Once we know how soon these buildings will be empty, we’ll start planning to build Phase 2b.

Phase 2b will deliver 230 new homes in two sets of apartment buildings (Eliot Mansions and Dickens Mansions) and some mews houses. 108 of the homes will be for social rent, 11 for shared ownership and 111 for private sale. It will also contain further new commercial units and three new streets: Murchison Gardens, Murchison Mews and Athlone Gardens.

We’ll also be planting new trees in Phase 2b: 11 on streets, and 44 smaller trees in the gardens of homes. We’ll plant the trees in front of Bond Mansions in early 2019; those in Phase 2b should be planted in 2021.