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Murchison & Wells Houses demolition: other news


We are happy to be able to keep the popular Kitchen Garden open during the demolition. It will not be removed when Murchison and Wells Houses are demolished.


Buildings of the age of Wornington Green commonly contain very low grade asbestos. This is not enough to harm anyone, but we will still take all due care when removing it.

The asbestos in Murchison and Wells Houses has been assessed as very low risk. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure that it is removed safely, in accordance with this level of risk.

These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Covering openings with polythene where required;
  • Using a special spray to keep fibres out of the air;
  • Disposing of all asbestos in sealed asbestos bags;
  • Wiping down these bags before removing them from the site;
  • Workers carrying out personal decontamination before leaving buildings where required.


We know that people are often very concerned that when buildings are demolished, rodents that have been living in them will move to adjacent buildings.

When people first moved out of Murchison and Wells Houses, we made sure that anything edible was removed. This means rats and mice are unlikely to have begun living in them, as there is nothing for them to eat there.

We will also place bait boxes in and around Murchison and Wells Houses in the run-up to demolition, to ensure there are no rats or mice left when demolition begins.

If you spot any rodents in your home, please contact the Wornington Green team.


The demolition of Murchison and Wells Houses will allow us to straighten the road linking Portobello Road and Wornington Road. This will create a new road: Murchison Gardens. When we come to build Dickens and Valentin Mansions, residents will be able to use Murchison Gardens for access, reducing pressure on Wornington Road.

In the long run, Murchison Gardens will improve wayfinding and safety in the area, and help knit the development into the existing street pattern.

We won’t begin straightening the road to create Murchison Gardens until the demolition of Murchison and Wells Houses is complete. We’ll let affected residents and neighbours know when we’ve fixed a date for the start of this work, and give them all the information they need.