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Getting from A to B

We take care to minimise disruption to residents throughout all works. However, it is inevitable that the demolition will bring some disruption and there will be some construction traffic on Wornington Road and Portobello Road.

  • Our Construction Traffic Management Plan has been agreed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
  • Site vehicles will come up Wornington Road and access the site via the Murchison House car park. They will then leave the site via Portobello Road and then Faraday Road.
  • The haul road will remain in use for site traffic to and from Bond Mansions.
  • Portobello Road, Wornington Road and the link between them will remain open in both directions.
  • Working hours on site will be 8am to 6pm on weekdays, and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. Site traffic will avoid times when children are being dropped off and picked up from school.
  • Site traffic won’t be constant. The contractors will finish demolishing a section of the building, then remove the waste before continuing.
  • During peak periods, we anticipate that there will be about 15 vehicle trips to or from the site.
  • We will give fortnightly forecasts of upcoming site traffic on noticeboards throughout the estate.
  • Traffic marshals will be on duty during site hours. While mainly stationed around the two site gates, they’ll walk down Wornington Road to meet vehicles as they come in and guide them towards the site.
  • We will minimise site traffic by using as much of the waste concrete as possible to fill gaps left by breaking out the floors of the buildings, rather than transporting if off the site.
  • We don’t expect the demolition to require any parking suspensions.
  • Pavements on both sides of the road will stay open throughout the demolition, so no special crossing points will be needed. The pavement parallel with Murchison House will have a reduced width.
  • Parking in the Murchison House car park won’t be affected. Traffic marshals will ensure that parked cars and pedestrians are safe when vehicles are entering and leaving the demolition site. We will identify a safe place for motorbikes to be parked.
  • A footpath from Portobello Road to Ladbroke Grove, past Portobello Hall, will remain open.
  • The existing street lighting along this route will remain in place, and there will also be additional lighting on the hoarding.

If you have any questions or problems during the demolition, please contact:

  • Catalyst’s Customer Contact Centre on 0300 456 2099 – ask to speak to a member of the Wornington

Green team;

  • Public Voice (Independent Tenants’ Advisor) on 0800 169 8672 or at;

  • Alternatively, you can visit our office at 314 Ladbroke Grove and book an appointment.We’ll hold a drop-in session for all residents who want to know more about the demolition plans. We’ll confirm the date, time and location in letters to residents.

Accessing Neighbouring Buildings

We are conscious that many people in Paul, Olive Blythe and Rendle Houses currently use the access doors and lift in Murchison and Wells Houses. When we put up hoarding around Murchison and Wells Houses ahead of the demolition, these will no longer be accessible.

We’ll write to everyone in the existing and new homes before the works begin with details of how the work could affect them. Letters to Paul, Olive Blythe and Rendle Houses will include how access to their homes will be affected. We’ll follow up with door knocking to ensure people in these buildings are aware and have all the support they need. In addition:

  • The entrances to the remaining buildings will be clearly signposted.
  • We’ll reprogramme the fobs of all affected households to ensure they can open the doors they need.
  • The entrance to Paul House and Olive Blythe House will be protected by a scaffold and solid timber hoarding to make sure it’s safe for residents to use.
  • We’ll ensure that all entrances to adjoining blocks have working door entry systems and intercoms so that residents can let in visitors.