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Demolition plan for Murchison & Wells Houses


  1. The first high reach excavator is positioned at the Portobello Road end of Murchison House, near the Murchison House car park.
  2. The high reach excavator begins todismantle Murchison House, workingtowards Wells House. The excavator worksby ‘nibbling’ away the building a chunk at atime. It will take about 8 weeks to demolishWells House and Murchison House.
  3. The high reach excavator moves along Murchison House.
  4. Waste concrete so far is crushed for re-use on site. A second high reach excavator is brought in to move waste material to the storage area within the site.


  1. The first high reach excavator begins demolishing Wells House. A third excavator is brought in to remove floors and foundations (it is this process that makes this stage particularly disruptive). Scaffolding is installed so that the end of Wells House can be demolished by hand, to prevent damage to Olive Blythe House.
  2. The demolition of Wells House is completed. Crushing of waste material continues.
  3. The scaffolding is removed. Crushing of waste material continues.
  4. All remaining floors and foundations are removed. (This process can be particularly noisy). All waste concrete is crushed for re-use on site.


The straightening of the link between Portobello Road and Wornington Road won’t begin until after the demolition is complete. We will let affected residents and neighbours know when we’ve fixed a date for the start of the road works and give them all the information they need.