The Resident Zone

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Keeping you Safe

During the demolition of Murchison and Wells Houses.

The demolition strategy is designed to keep the adjoining buildings safe for people to live in.

  • Much of the demolition will be done by high-reach excavators, which will ‘nibble’ away at the buildings in small sections.
  • Closer to the join with Olive Blythe and Rendle Houses, demolition will be done by hand to avoid any impact on remaining buildings.
  • We will make a break in Wells House near the adjoining Rendle House, to prevent vibrations transferring into remaining buildings.
  • The walkways in Olive Blythe and Rendle Houses that directly adjoin Wells House will still be in use, but will be sealed off from Wells House. We’ll write to all residents of adjoining buildings to let them know how access to their buildings will change.
  • When breaking out floor slabs, care will be taken to avoid unnecessary disturbance to the ground.