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Minimising Disruption

While demolition inevitably creates some noise and dust, we put our residents’ safety and convenience first, and do everything we can to keep these to a minimum. Here are some of the measures that the demolition contractors will take to minimise noise, dust and vibrations:

  • Where materials are being moved between floors within the buildings, the distances that things have to fall will be minimised.
  • Dust will be damped down by misting the work area with water or directly spraying the point of work.
  • The team will keep a log book of weather conditions and dust control measures.
  • All construction traffic routes will have hard surfaces to minimise jolting that could raise dust. They’ll be damped down or washed at least once a day.
  • All loads entering or leaving the site will be covered. Vehicles leaving the site will have their wheels washed, and the whole vehicle will be washed where necessary.
  • Any skips or stockpiles of waste material will be kept for the shortest possible time, and enclosed or securely sheeted wherever possible. Fine or powdery material will be stored inside buildings or enclosures.
  • Independent air sampling will be carried out to ensure standards are met.
  • Four air monitoring stations will be placed in key locations outside the demolition site where there is greatest potential for air quality issues. In addition, demolition operatives will keep a constant eye on the levels of dust, noise and vibrations, and take action if they seem too high.
  • We’ll report the measurements taken by air monitoring stations in meetings with the Residents’ Steering Group.
  • We don’t anticipate an issue with dust in homes. If you notice excessive dust in your homes, please contact the Wornington Green team.
  • The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea operates a Noise and Nuisance hotline that you can call if you think the demolition is creating an unacceptable level of disturbance. The number is 020 7361 3002.