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Filling the New Commercial Units

We’ve been exploring potential uses for the new commercial spaces on Portobello Road. We’ve had lots of interest from businesses, and will soon be deciding which ones to make offers to.

We plan to let spaces rather than selling them, which gives us more control and helps us to ensure that their uses enhance and complement the area’s thriving street life. The lettings process is being managed by Savills, our commercial agent, but Catalyst retain the final say over who occupies the spaces.

The units have been advertised on signboards in the windows, through Savills contacts, and through outreach to local community businesses. Before launching the units to the market, we sought feedback from the community at a public meeting in September. People present said they’d like to see more shops that are affordable for all budgets. We’ll take account of this in our lettings strategy.

While the spaces wait to come into use, specially designed vinyls in their windows keep up Portobello Road’s uniquely colourful and eclectic look. If you look closely, you might even spot a couple of local traders!