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Kensington & Chelsea College Interior Design

BTEC Level 3 Interior Design students at Kensington and Chelsea College have been using the new commercial units in Phase 1 as the basis for their final project, drawing influences from the area’s rich creative culture.

The brief for the project was to design a combined gallery and shop for one of two local artists, within the dimensions of one of the commercial units. Many designed spaces inspired by their chosen artist, with features that highlighted the key qualities of their work.

Student Michelina chose local ceramic artist Cody Hoyt. ‘I wanted to bring a cinematic experience to the space’, she says, ‘so I included a screen that will show the processes of making the objects on display.’ Her design used different textures and surfaces playfully to reflect the hands-on experience of making ceramics.

‘I chose one of the spaces with lots of windows, which turned out to be an exciting challenge,’ says Daniela, another student. She created her own acrylic prints for her space, taking inspiration from the ‘Textiles’ collection by glassmaker Ruth Shelley.

To develop their designs, the students researched their chosen artist, and experimented with prints and textures to create decorative surfaces. They created floorplans based on the plans for the commercial units, as well as small scale models to give a real sense of how the spaces would work.

Alya Rizvi, head of interior design at KCC, said: ‘It’s been really great working with Catalyst. The students have enjoyed designing the shop and gallery space. They’ve also really benefited from developing their understanding of the area through research and talking to friends and family who work locally. We look forward to continuing to work with Catalyst in the future.’