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Athlone Gardens

As part of the regeneration, we’ve pledged to provide 2.3 acres of new public park.

Managed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Athlone Gardens will be a space for the whole community to share in leisure and relaxation, and will create a perfect focal point for the neighbourhood. Until this park is finished, we’re also committed to making sure Wornington Green has a green open space at all times, at least half the size of the final park.

Athlone Gardens is being created bit by bit, as each phase of demolition and construction makes another piece of land available. We’re aiming for the first piece in the puzzle to be handed over to RBKC in early October.

What happens after that?

  • The next part of the park – currently the haul road and the area beyond it up to the Venture Centre – will be finished by March 2020, if not before.
  • The next parts of the park will take longer to deliver, so in the meantime RBKC will put in some improvements and features in the park we’ve built so far, to give you a versatile and attractive green space that works for everyone.
  • In 2022, the original park will be taken out of use as we build on the site of Chesterton House. Part of this land will become part of the park again at the end of the process. The play equipment in this section of the park will be reprovided.
  • The timetable for delivering the final part of the park will depend on the way we develop Phase 3. There will be further updates on this as we begin designing and planning this phase.