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Adoption of Bonchurch Road & Faraday Road

After a delay so that we could protect the area during Notting Hill Carnival, we are aiming for Bonchurch Road and Faraday Road to be adopted by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in early October.

This will mean that RBKC will be responsible for maintaining the roads and enforcing parking restrictions.

This includes things like making sure the roads and pavements are in good condition and free of litter, and taking care of the landscaped areas on Bonchurch Road. RBKC will also be responsible for issuing parking permits. If you need a permit once the roads are adopted, or notice anything about the roads that needs attention, please contact RBKC.

Please note that once the roads are adopted, there will be no access to Wornington Road from Faraday Road. The Venture Centre’s mini bus will still use the road for pick-up and drop-off, but there will be bollards at the top of the road to prevent through access.