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Keeping the community together

Lettings are now complete for the new homes in Phase 1. The new buildings so far already exemplify the strong mixed-tenure community that Portobello Square will be.

Rehousing customers from their existing homes on Wornington Green has been a complex and sensitive process. The commitment we’ve focused on throughout has been to guarantee a new home in the development to everyone who wants one. We also committed to make sure as many households as possible move straight into their new home.

Of the 324 brand new homes in Phase 1, 174 are for social rent. Of those 174, 171 are let to existing residents of Wornington Green. The other three were offered to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, to help meet high demand for wheelchair-accessible homes.

25 of those 171 existing households are adult children of existing residents who wanted to move into their own place.

Of the 171 households from Wornington Green, 142 moved straight into their new home. Some households had to move temporarily before they could move into their new home. 17 of these temporary moves were to another home on Wornington Green, and 12 were elsewhere.

Sue Hannah, Catalyst’s Area Manager for Wornington Green, said, ‘There’s a really close knit community on Wornington Green and it’s the people who make it special. We have committed to re-house all residents from Wornington Green into the new development to ensure that we keep the community together. When people do choose to move away, we try really hard to find them the home they’re looking for in the area they choose, so that it’s a positive move for them.

‘Rehousing residents as part of a regeneration programme is a complicated process, but we take the time to get to know each household and understand what’s important to them when they are re-housed and we’re encouraged by the outcomes so far.’