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Revised timetable for Phase 2

We are revising the timetable for the remainder of Phase 2 (another 321 homes) and this will impact on some residents’ moving dates. The revised timetable allows us to deliver more new homes more quickly. It is realistic and takes construction traffic access into detailed consideration.

We have already rehoused most of the residents of Wells, Murchison, Katherine and Macaulay Houses. The revised timetable anticipates rehousing all residents of Katherine, Macaulay, Chesterton and Chiltern Houses and Breakwell Court by May 2019. Depending on housing needs and preferences, most households will be able to move straight into Bond Mansions in 2019 or be rehoused permanently off the estate if they prefer. Some temporary moves may be necessary.

We are aiming to rehouse all residents of Watts House by December 2021. This will allow us to start demolition in January 2022 to make way for the construction of more new homes and a road and create space for the new park.

To build the remainder of Phase 2 we will then need to demolish Katherine, Macaulay, Chesterton and Chiltern Houses and Breakwell Court. Watts House will remain in place until the new homes in Phase 2 (to be built on the site currently occupied by Katherine and Macaulay Houses) are ready for residents to move into.

We will be talking to all affected households individually about their housing needs, preferences and rehousing options.