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New Roads – Who’s in Charge

Two of the new roads created in Phase 1 are in the process of being taken over by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC). It will be a gradual process, designed to ensure the roads are continually cared for.

Bonchurch Road and Athlone Place are central to one of the main visions of the project – to reintroduce Victorian street patterns to reconnect Portobello Square with the wider neighbourhood.

Currently Catalyst owns both roads and we are in the process of handing them into the management of RBKC. After one year, and once RBKC are satisfied that the roads are built and finished to a high standard, they will adopt the roads fully.

This means that the council will take full responsibility for Bonchurch Road and Athlone Place and manage the roads, pavements, trees and landscaped areas. They will also have responsibility for maintaining signage, lighting and enforcing any parking restrictions.

For Faraday Road, Catalyst will continue to own this street until the new park is finished and the Venture Centre has been relocated. During this time Catalyst will manage the section in front of Hudson Mansions but RBKC will manage the section of road in front of Hardy Mansions.