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Meet Our New Regeneration Manager

As Ruchell Peng moves on to manage another Catalyst project we welcome Tim Porter who takes over the role of Regeneration Manager.

Tim says: “I’ve worked in the housing sector, both public and private, for over 30 years; and worked on many regeneration projects, large and small, in both rural and urban environments. One key thing I’ve learnt over the years is that the customer has to be at the heart of everything we do.”

“I’ve been working at Portobello Square for three months now, and have really been struck by how passionate the residents are about their community. I’m also impressed with what’s been built already. The mix of tenures really is seamless, and shows a commitment to meet the housing needs of all residents.

“As I set out in this role, I’m committed to keeping the ball rolling so that the community continue to see more of these excellent results as soon as possible. That means finishing off Phase 1 to a high standard and handing it over smoothly, at the same time as getting a building contractor on site for Phase 2 by early summer. I’m also keen to obtain planning permission for Phase 3, to keep the delivery of the whole development in sight for the community who’ve stuck with us throughout the process.

“I am passionate about transforming and improving neighbourhoods through regeneration – but it counts for nothing if it’s all just about the bricks and mortar. When I finish work each night, I return to a home I love and look forward to spending time in, so it’s really important to me that all our customers feel the same about the homes we create for them at Portobello Square. I want to deliver the best place possible for the community here, bringing you all along on the journey to create a destination of choice where you feel proud to live.”