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Meet the RSG’s new Vice Chair


My name is Shaip Bajgora, and I have been a Wornington Green resident for over 16 years. I became involved with the Residents’ Steering Group (RSG) in 2014, and have recently been elected to the role of Vice Chair.

From the day I moved into the neighbourhood I knew I wanted to become a part of community life and make my contribution as a resident. Once Wornington Green started to undergo its regeneration I saw more opportunities for me to be involved. So I decided to join the RSG.

Through the RSG I have become a member of the Design Group for Phase 2. We influence the design process and so far I have attended three meetings where we helped architects to understand the needs of residents when it came to the design of the next set of new homes in the neighbourhood.

Although I was a little sceptical at first, working with the architects has shown me that they have done their upmost to listen to us and have taken on board our ideas within the designs for the new homes.

I feel it’s really important for residents to get involved in things such as the regeneration of our neighbourhood because it is going to affect our new homes and our community.

What is the Residents’ Steering Group?

The Residents’ Steering Group works with Catalyst to ensure that residents’ views and opinions about the regeneration and new homes at Portobello Square are heard and acted upon. Over the past year the RSG has:

  • Met regularly to discuss regeneration matters and worked closely with Catalyst to resolve various estate and regeneration issues.
  • Undertaken training to develop skills and expertise about the regeneration.
  • Held public meetings to keep residents at Wornington Green involved and up-to-date about the regeneration. This included discussions about local labour opportunities, Catalyst Neighbourhood Strategy, Catalyst Gateway, and plans for the temporary park.
  • Met with the architects to influence the design ideas for the new homes at Portobello Square.
  • Recently elected a new Chair (Karina Skinner) and Vice Chair (Shaip Bajgora).

How to get involved?

If you would like to know more about the Residents’ Steering Group please call Hope Blandamer or Howard Mendick on our Freephone Number which is 0800 644 6040. Alternatively you can email us at