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Demolition update

Between January and May 2016 we will be demolishing the remainder of Telford House and Wheatstone House.

Once the inside of the buildings have been cleared, we will start to demolish the structure. Demolition of Telford House will start during the second week of March. Demolition of Wheatstone House will start in the second week of April. Demolition of each building will take approximately four weeks.

Crushing the rubble will continue throughout the demolition and for a short time afterwards until it has all been removed from site which we anticipate will be in the later part of May. Once the demolition is complete the site will be cleared to form part of the Council’s new park.

The main causes of noise will be the taking down the buildings, breaking up the slab that the buildings were built on and the crushing of the resulting rubble to be taken away.

All work will take place between 8am and 6pm during the week (8am to 1pm on Saturdays). Machines on-site have all been fitted with mufflers to reduce noise as much as possible.

All machinery is fitted with water jets to reduce the amount of dust in the air. Additional sprinklers will be used to dampen the buildings while they are being demolished and the rubble afterwards.

All traffic will get to and from the site via Faraday Road and will only arrive during working hours (8am to 6pm weekdays, 8am to 1pm on Saturdays). There will be space in the site for lorries to turn so there won’t be any reversing on the road.

You will still be able to walk through the temporary park between Wornington Road and Portobello Road but the walkway will be moved so that a site hoarding can be erected in front of Wheatstone House.

There will be scaffolding along Portobello Road for the length of Telford House. It will not obstruct pedestrians but we may have to reduce the width of the pavement. There will always be a minimum width of 1.2 meters (just under 4 feet).

We are currently developing the plans to demolish Edward Kennedy House and 65-96 Pepler House on Wornington Road. More information to follow.

25 FEBRUARY 2016
Residents Steering Group Public Meeting 6.15pm at the Venture Centre. There will be a drop-in surgery for Wornington Green from 5pm.