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All in the Name

Now that Phase 1 is nearing completion we have spent the last few months reviewing our communications and identifying areas where we can improve as we move into Phase 2.

Some of the improvements you may have noticed in the last two editions of Here & Now and on the dedicated Here & Now website. Stories are more detailed and targeted and imagery more impactful. The addition of the news feed on the website also keeps people informed inbetween printed newsletters.

One of the improvements we are still working on is the editorial style we use in communications and, in particular, how we describe Portobello Square and the buildings/cores within so that it can be understood by all our different audiences and is always consistent.

We want Here & Now to be an engaging and informative read, we don’t want our readers to waste time trying to demystify what we have written.

From now on, we will be referencing areas of the development in a slightly different, but more consistent and descriptive way:

Wornington Green – will be used when talking about the existing estate

Portobello Square – will be used when talking about the new development

Numbers and Street Names – will be used when talking about cores

Building Names – buildings will no longer be referred to as blocks (e.g. Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3) but instead by names that have previously only been used in marketing

As always, the development name ‘Portobello Square’ and the building names will not be used on any permanent signage once the development is complete or be part of residents’ official addresses. The map opposite indicates the names that have been assigned to buildings in Phases 1 and 2 so that you can pinpoint where these are located within Portobello Square. We are confident that these small adjustments to how we talk about the project will greatly improve how we communicate with all our audiences.