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Emerald City

The Venture Centre’s children were delighted to win the Notting Hill Nurseries Carnival competition for the first time ever on Monday 10 August.

The theme for this year was ‘Emerald City’. The children, under the creative direction of Randolph, our new Activity Worker, and a team of enthusiastic volunteers, designed and made their own award-winning decorative costumes.

This was a learning experience for everyone involved, working with a limited amount of material and equipment they had to use their initiative when designing the costumes. When making the head dresses they had to use foam board, chicken wire and wraparound foam when normally they would be made with another type of wire and other more appropriate materials.

Randolph said, “it was a great learning curve and an amazing way to kick off my new role and offers the potential opportunity of doing Sunday carnival for kids next year. It was a lot of hard work but it had great rewards”. The kids played a crucial role not just in helping create the costumes but also delivering an award-winning performance.