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Park Life

Athlone Gardens is one area that is undergoing significant change during the regeneration. Eventually a new park will emerge from the rubble but in the meantime the temporary play area and green space continue to be used by local residents.

The council has recently installed benches and restored areas of turf where lampposts have been erected. The park is now being maintained and watered regularly. The children’s play area remains popular and dog owners can exercise their dogs on the adjoining grass area.

On occasion problems have arisen with ‘over exuberant’ dogs and owners who fail to effectively control them. As always dog owners are responsible for their dogs at all times and need to keep them under control and ‘pick up’ after them.

The concept of ‘shared space’ can be tested to the full at times and although most residents observe the park rules, unfortunately there are always a few who spoil it for the rest.

Parks Police Officers have a number of options when dealing with ‘dog issues’, these are outlined below:

  • Issue fixed penalty notices for dog fouling and failing to pick up
  • Instruct a dog owner to put a dog on a lead immediately
  • Obtain a muzzle order through the courts
  • Obtain stringent conditions including banning orders from the court

The role of the Parks Police Officer is to ensure that all the parks across the borough remain safe so that everyone can enjoy the excellent green spaces. Parks Police also operate a FREE dog chipping service and will be working with Catalyst to carry out outreach and ‘dog day’ at Athlone Gardens on Tuesday 22 September and Tuesday 8 December, 3pm to 5pm.

Look out for more information in the next edition of Here & Now.

Contact Parks Police, PC David Pullan, on 0300 3655 101.