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New Beginnings

“My name is Rejhan Meshekrani. I am a Catalyst tenant and the Chair of the Residents Steering Group. *

I moved into the new block on Bonchurch Road just under two years ago, prior to that I lived in Wheatstone House. It’s extremely exciting living in my new apartment, apart from being brand new; it’s very comfortable, bright, soundproofed, spacious and contemporary.

I do consider myself lucky to have been given such a great opportunity. My previous flat started looking really old and it seemed that everything was falling apart. There wasn’t much I could do about it – apart from being patient whilst waiting for the new apartment to be finished.

I would walk past the building site every day and there were days where I would notice changes and there were also days I thought that nothing had moved on. I suppose I perceived how the work was progressing according to my mood and my patience – or the lack of it on the day!

My journey from Wheatstone House to Bonchurch Road has been very exciting but challenging too. There were issues I had to deal with and there were times I was really frustrated, but I made a conscious decision to not let anything get in the way of me and my family enjoying our new home. I have found that everything gets resolved in the end, regardless of what it is and if it doesn’t I focus on the positives.

Now it’s almost two years down the line and I still love seeing my home through the eyes of my family and friends when they see it for the first time. They look amazed and they absolutely love it, and I love it too.”

* The Residents Steering Group is open to everybody living in a Catalyst home on Munro Mews, Bonchurch Road, Faraday Road and Wornington Green.