The Resident Zone

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New Road & More New Homes

Faraday Road is the new road between Block 3 and the Venture Centre, which will eventually form one side of the new park. Paving and kerbs are currently being installed to make the new road and pavement suitable for residents to move in. A turning circle will be created at the end of Block 3 (see map) until the road is completed and joins Portobello Road. These works support one of the integral elements of the project of restoring old street patterns, reintroducing the link to the historic Portobello Road, and allowing the development to fit seamlessly within what is already a bustling and lively urban area.

There are 39 new rented homes in the third block in Phase 1, which will be available next year. We will be contacting residents who have the highest priority for a move (Edward Kennedy, Katherine and Macaulay Houses in the first instance, followed by Murchison and Wells Houses) to make them an offer by showing them floor plans of the properties. By allocating new homes, about a year before they are ready, enables us to involve residents in the design of their new homes eg colour choices for kitchen units, worktops and flooring and adaptations to bathrooms, if required.