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Bag it and Bin it

Many of you identified dog fouling in your responses to last month’s survey on priorities for our Neighbourhood Strategy for the local area. There’s no polite way of putting this – it’s a problem in this neighbourhood.

While most dog owners are responsible and pick up after their pets, some are not and the evidence can be seen on the pavements locally. It is especially unpleasant in the temporary park as it prevents people enjoying the space.

To support those of you who do pick up and encourage those of you who don’t, we have had some special Portobello pooch poo-bag dispensers made featuring the & symbol from our marketing campaign. We’ll be giving them away in the park and at outreach sessions and events soon.

These dispensers feature a clip that you can attach to your dog’s lead so you’re never caught short. You can even offer a bag to any dog owners who seem to have forgotten theirs.

This is the carrot. The stick is coming. There will soon be additional enforcement to fine irresponsible owners. Look out for details in a future Here & Now.

For a dispenser, call into our local Catalyst office at 314 Ladbroke Grove or contact Patricia Poorman on 0300 456 2099 or email