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Is it still the case that the new blocks will have names? I seem to remember that one of the blocks currently being built would be called Orwell Mansions.

Like ‘Portobello Square’, the block names were devised for marketing purposes. In the brochures Block 1 was called Orwell Mansions, Block 3 was called Hudson Mansions and Block 2 was called Hardy Mansions. We have not applied to the council for the blocks to officially be called by these names and they are not part of the official postal address for the blocks.

Most new homes will have a number and street name as their address. However, it is the council’s planning policy that any building over six stories should have a name.

What happened to the community notice boards? Are there plans to replace them?

The old boards were taken down when the hoarding around Block 3 was moved and it has taken us a few months to find a new home for them and get them installed. New notice boards have now been installed in two prominent positions where they can be seen by as many people as possible.

There are two notice boards which we will now use to display the monthly Regeneration Update posters. One is in front of Telford House on Portobello Road. There are two notice boards on the perimeter fence of the Venture Centre, one will be used for information about the regeneration, the other for information about activities at the Venture Centre.

Will there be any opportunities to have some artwork in the redeveloped area?

We are proposing a tiled artwork on the new buildings in Phase 2 on Portobello Road. We have commissioned a design company to develop ideas for the tiled inset to the proposed building. Ideas will be developed in partnership with a local school and the results presented to residents for their comments.

RBKC will soon begin consulting on the designs for the new park and there may be opportunities to provide a public artwork as part of that.

How are the Neighbourhood Rules enforced?

To keep the new homes looking good, all residents are required to stick to a set of Neighbourhood Rules. The rules apply to everyone, regardless of whether they are Catalyst or private tenants, home owners or shared owners. The rules are enforced through tenancy agreements and leases.

The new development is regularly monitored by the managing agents, Stiles Harold Williams who will contact anyone who is not adhering to the rules. Catalyst is responsible for tenancy management in the new development, so any tenants or shared owners who breach the rules, will be contacted by Catalyst. Breaches of the rules can also be reported to the managing agents, Stiles Harold Williams on 0300 456 2093. To see the rules visit