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Latest news from NewmanFrancis, ITA

The days and weeks seem to be passing by quickly and we are already well into the New Year and spring has finally sprung. Buildings and cranes are springing up too and there is lots of activity on the site where the final piece in the jigsaw of Phase 1 is emerging.

But for quite a while the ITA service and Residents’ Steering Group has been thinking about Phase 2 and how to get residents involved in what’s happening. That’s one of the main things we do, always trying to find opportunities to get residents involved. That’s the best way to make sure that the regeneration meets the needs of the residents. Well, that’s what we think anyway!

We’ve helped set up a Residents’ Design Group that has been working with Conran & Partners, (the Phase 2 architects), on the final designs for Phase 2 as there is still quite a lot that residents can influence, especially the internal layouts for Phase 2 as well as the design and look of the communal areas.

At the moment the Moroccan community is not well represented on the Residents’ Steering Group. We’d like to do something about that! We recently organised an informal lunchtime event at Al-Hasaniya – an organisation that has been supporting local Moroccan (and Arabic) speaking women and their families for thirty years.

Over thirty local women took part to meet their neighbours, hear the latest news about the regeneration, ask lots of questions and share a delicious lunch of Moroccan couscous.

Danella McGillivary and Karina Skinner from the RSG were there to meet their Moroccan neighbours. “Everyone has been really welcoming”, said Karina, “… a great way for people to find out more about what’s happening on Wornington Green”.

We’ve also been working with residents to make sure that local people are involved in choosing the contractor for Phase 2. Residents’ ideas and views about what makes a good contractor have been fed into the procurement process and will help influence the decision about who the contractor will be.

You probably know that we work closely with the Residents’ Steering Group (RSG) and support their meetings as well as organising the wider public meetings. We are providing some training for the RSG to encourage them to run their own meetings and also to help them offer peer to peer support to help other residents cope with all the changes that the regeneration brings.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about the public meetings. The meetings are fun and not too formal. The public meetings are open to everyone whether you live on the original estate or in one of the new properties. It is all one community!