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Spreading the word

Banners have been put up around the estate which promote positive messages about the regeneration of Wornington Green to a wider audience.

We have been using the ampersand – the ‘and’ symbol (&) – in the publicity materials including the private sales brochures, the Here & Now magazine and the website. The ampersand is now being used on banners to promote some of the achievements, and our commitments for the rest of the regeneration to residents and neighbours.

Messages include:

  • Jobs & Homes – Local young people offered construction apprenticeship opportunities
  • Fruit & Veg – 12 brand new lock-ups for market traders
  • Fun & Games – Brand new permanent park opens 2020. Temporary park available
  • Home & Away – New homes for Wornington Green residents

From talking to local businesses and residents in the wider area we discovered that there were still a few commonly held misconceptions about the regeneration. By putting up the banners we have created something highly visible which can be seen by everyone in the local area.

The banners are also part of Catalyst’s commitment to keep the existing estate clean and in good repair throughout the redevelopment process.