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Allocations Process

How properties are allocated for residents on Wornington Green

Recently some residents have asked us why their neighbours are moving into the new development before them, when they’ve been told that they will have to wait for a number of years before they can be permanently re-housed. We’d like to remind people about the re-housing programme and explain why individual circumstances differ and why some households are re-housed before others.

The redevelopment of Wornington Green means that all residents will need to be permanently re-housed from their homes on the existing estate. Catalyst has a re-housing programme which will move residents in line with the phased redevelopment requirements. The main priority is to re-house residents living in the next blocks due to be demolished.

Needs and preferences

All residents are guaranteed a home in the new development. Allocation of properties is determined by the need to move residents in blocks due for demolition and the housing needs of those residents, although under-occupiers can keep one bedroom above their housing need if they want to (as long as they are able to cover the cost of the rent on a larger home). Some residents have told us that their preference would be to move off the estate and we will try to meet preferences where we can. However, we rely on suitable vacancies arising and sometimes there simply isn’t anything available to meet the housing need and preferences off the estate.

Some people express a preference to move into a particular type of property or to live close to existing neighbours and although we try our best to accommodate preferences, this isn’t always possible. It is helpful for us to know as much about your preferences as possible in advance so that where possible, they can be taken into account during the allocations process.

Allocation of properties in the new development

New homes are offered based on the size of the household e.g. their housing need. Lower floors are allocated to those with the most limited mobility, based on their medical assessment. Lower floors are in high demand because there are a lot of older residents on Wornington Green who have limited mobility, while the number of households for whom upper floors (particularly those with two bedrooms) are suitable, even with lifts, is relatively small.

Temporary decants

Where a resident needs a particular size or type of accommodation, which is not available in the new development, we may need them to move temporarily, as a “temporary decant” to another property, until a suitable property in the new development is available for them. We will do our best to offer temporary decants a home in the new development as soon as possible; however tenants living in blocks due for demolition will take priority.

Offers for tenants in later phases

Where a flat in the new development is not suitable for anyone in the blocks due for demolition next, it will be offered to a household in the next phase of the redevelopment. Some residents living in Phase 3 have already been offered a property in the new development, because they are able to move into a two bedroom property on an upper floor. Housing need is assessed using a points system and extra points are awarded to reflect specific housing needs e.g. overcrowding and medical priority and these points are used to prioritise residents for properties which are not needed for tenants in blocks due for demolition.

Transfer moves for tenants on Wornington Green

Where tenants in a later phase of the redevelopment have a high level of housing need, we may be able to offer them a “transfer move”, with no financial assistance, to another flat in a later phase of the existing estate, in order to improve their housing circumstances while they are waiting to be re-housed permanently.

Adult household members

There is the opportunity for adult household members, aged 18 or over (usually sons or daughters of the tenants but other family members may be eligible) to be re-housed into their own separate accommodation, including the option of a new home in the redevelopment. Individuals who wish to be re-housed in this way must be able to provide evidence that their current address has been their principal residence since August 2006.

We cannot offer a move on the existing estate to adult household members, as we are not creating any new tenancies on Wornington Green, but it may be possible to offer them an earlier permanent move either into the new development or off the estate, depending on the availability of suitable properties.

Keeping us up-to-date about your circumstances!

It is important that everyone completes a decant assessment form and provides proof of residence for their households at as early a stage as possible, particularly if their current home is not suitable for them e.g. because they are overcrowded. It is also important that we are kept informed of any changes in circumstances which affect the type or size of housing you need e.g. if you have had another child or someone has moved out.

If you have any queries about your situation and where you are in terms of your priority for re-housing, don’t hesitate to ask!