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Phase 2 Update

Phase 2 of the redevelopment of Wornington Green was granted detailed planning permission in July 2014. Since then our design team has been working up detailed plans so that the building contractor will know precisely what we want them to build. We will be presenting the results of the design process to residents early in 2015 so we can gather any comments before we make the final adjustments to the designs.

We have not yet made any decisions in relation to the builders that we will be approaching to build Phase 2. Although the process of choosing a builder has to take place in line with very strict rules, we will involve residents from the Residents’ Steering Group in developing a set of criteria to be used in judging the companies before we make a decision. We will be starting this process in the New Year.

We anticipate that Phase 2 will start on site towards the end of 2015, which would mean that the first new homes would be finished by the middle of 2017. Three blocks will be built in Phase 2: Block 4, Block 6 north and Block 6 south.

The diagram to the right shows where the new blocks will be built and the order in which they will be built. As with Block 1, the new blocks consist of apartments, duplexes and mews houses. The table below shows the order of demolition of existing blocks on Wornington Green to enable the new blocks to be built.

If you live in any of the blocks that we will need to demolish in Phase 2 and you have not completed a decant assessment form, which captures your housing need and preferences, please contact your Housing & Regeneration Co-ordinator who will be able to assist.

Phase 2a 73-96 Pepler House
Edward Kennedy
92-94 Wornington Road
These blocks are needed to enable
us to build Block 4
Phase 2b(i) Katherine House
Macaulay House
These blocks are needed to enable
us to start to build Block 6 north
Phase 2b(ii) Murchison House
Wells House
These blocks are needed to enable
us to finish Block 6 north
Phase 2c Breakwell Court
Chesterton House
Chiltern House
These blocks are needed to enable
us to build Block 6 south
Phase 2d Watts House This block is needed to enable
us to provide more space for
the permanent park