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NewmanFrancis taking the ITA service to next level

We’re really happy that we will be continuing to deliver the Independent Tenants’ Advice Service on Wornington Green and have the opportunity to work with you all for another three years.

Over the next few months we’ll be stepping up all the work we do with a greater focus on our advocacy service and one-to-one support for residents. We are already carrying out lots of outreach, at least two sessions every month and intend to supplement this by spending more time on Wornington Green meeting as many residents as we can.

We know that most of you lead very busy lives and can’t always find time to attend the evening residents’ meetings. With this in mind we want to provide residents with additional opportunities to get involved. In our recent survey many of you asked us to organise more day time meetings and this is something we’ll be doing in future as well as a regular advice surgery and home visits. There will be other innovations as well. More about this in our next update in Here & Now!

We’ll be continuing our work with the Residents’ Steering Group (RSG), setting the group up on a more formal basis and helping to create a stronger voice for residents. Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about the RSG.

In the last edition of Here & Now we profiled the following RSG members, Rejhan Meshekrani (Chair), Karina Skinner (Vice Chair), Rob Merlini (Secretary), Ali Kassim Mukhayer (Treasurer), Danella McGillivray and Keith Stirling.

It’s time to meet the other members!

Christine Dingle has lived on Wornington Green for a “long time”. “It’s important for residents to find out what’s going on. I also care about the community beyond the focus on bricks and mortar and brand new shiny buildings. We need to think about the kind of community we’ll have when the regeneration is over”.

Julie Kamara has lived in the area for 35 years and used to live on Munro Mews, the first properties to be demolished. “I love the area; it’s one of the best. It’s good to be involved with the community and I enjoy the meetings. I want to make sure that we keep a really good neighbourhood feeling on Wornington Green as this is what we’ve always had.”

Barbette Mamengi was born in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has four children, has two jobs, is a qualified Health Trainer and somehow still finds time to volunteer and attend meetings. “It’s very important that I support my community. It’s a very close neighbourhood and I want it to remain like that. The regeneration will mean a better quality of life for everyone and a brighter future for many young people growing up here. We have lots of older residents too and I want to make sure they are well supported too.”

Maria Gulston has lived on Wornington Green for over 22 years and is also very involved with the Wornington Green Community Group. “I first got involved because I was asked to! But helping other residents comes naturally to me. I’ve moved into one of the new properties on Bonchurch Road and so far it’s going well”.

Shaip Bajgora was born in Kosovo and has lived in Pepler House for 14 years. “It’s important to be involved and know what’s going on in the local area. It’s also good that so many local people give up their time to help create a good future for the community.”