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1. Why are residents being asked to complete the Catalyst Census and what will the information be used for?

Catalyst Housing is working with Voluntas, a market research company, to carry out a census of all our residents. We are doing this to improve our knowledge about our customers. The information you give us by responding to the Census questionnaire will help us improve the services we can offer you and tailor the way we communicate with you.

The questionnaire will give us information about you and your household including:

  • Basic household information
  • Employment and education
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Contact preferences
  • Access to banking and the internet
  • Your interest in resident involvement

We’d like everyone to complete a questionnaire so that we can tailor services to meet your needs, but it isn’t compulsory and if you don’t feel comfortable answering some of the questions, that’s fine too. All the information you give us will be handled securely and in line with Data Protection.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the Census.

2. When will the Venture Centre move and where will it be moving to?

The Venture Centre is one of the community facilities owned by the council (the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – RBKC) which will be re-provided within the development. It has been agreed that the service provided by the Venture Centre should be continuous. In practice, this means that the new facility must be built and open before the Venture Centre is closed and demolished. The new facility will be built in the third phase at the top end of Portobello Road. Subject to detailed planning, the new facilities will have the same inside and outside space (footprint) as the Venture Centre. RBKC will be responsible for consultation over the re-provision but Catalyst will build the new facility. It’s too early to say when the Venture Centre will move, but it is unlikely to be for at least five years.

3. Will there be a Show Flat?

Block 3 is currently being built and residents will move into their new homes later on this year. We are planning to have a show flat available for residents living on the existing Wornington Green Estate, like we did for Block 1 to give people the opportunity to visit the new development and see what the new homes are like inside. We want to get people into their new homes as soon as they are ready, so the show flat will only be available for a few weeks, before the first people move into their new homes. Nearer the time we will advertise the opportunity for people to book their place on a viewing (it will be on an RSVP basis). As before, we’ll make sure there are opportunities during the day, in the evening and at the weekend.

A show home is currently being prepared to market the private town houses in Block 3. We would like to give residents living at Wornington Green the opportunity to visit the show home, probably in early July. Again, we will be organising viewings and people will need to book a place. If you would like to book a place to visit the private town house show home, please contact Patricia Poorman on 0300 456 2099 or by email

4. Are there any guarantees in place that properties purchased by private buyers cannot be left unoccupied?

Our leases do not require properties to be lived in for a set period of time each year, but we don’t anticipate that empty properties will be a problem in our new development. Concerns have been raised that because some properties have been sold overseas, they will stand empty in the new development. This was also something that Catalyst wanted to avoid, because our aim is to create a vibrant mixed neighbourhood. For that reason our Chief Executive, Rod Cahill, personally attended marketing in the Far East to see for himself who was buying and how their investment was being financed. We are confident that for our development, investors buying at this price point depend upon rental return, so we expect most if not all of the overseas units to be occupied by market renters e.g. to people living and working in London. Many people have also bought homes to live in themselves and they’ve now moved into the new development.