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Regeneration Update

A lot of progress has been made over the last few months on both demolition and construction activities. Lionel House has now been completely demolished and our old office, the portacabin on Portobello Road, has been removed.

However, the removal of the rubble from Lionel House and the creation of the temporary park were delayed until Ardmore’s new Construction Traffic Management Plan was agreed and put into effect on 27 May. Processing and removing of rubble from Lionel House has now started again to enable the site to be cleared. This will then enable the creation of the temporary green space, where our old office and Lionel House was and in between Wheatstone and Watts Houses.

Preparations for the partial demolition of Telford House continue. The physical demolition work is due to start towards the end of June and we will keep in touch with affected residents during the demolition works. The partial demolition of Telford House will enable construction activities to start on Block 2, the third and final block to be built in Phase 1 (on Portobello Road).

Good progress is also being made on Block 3, the second block to be built on Wornington Road, opposite the Venture Centre. You can now see town houses opposite Block 1 on Bonchurch Road. These are for sale and a show home has been built to market the town houses. We would like to give people the opportunity to visit the show home and we also plan to have a show flat for residents living on the existing Wornington Green Estate (see FAQs for more information).

The first residents will move into their new homes in Block 3 later on this year, but we won’t be confirming when people will be moving until a month or two before the new homes are ready. This is in response to residents’ feedback from Block 1, who said that they found it difficult when move dates changed. Watch this space for more information!