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Update from NewmanFrancis

Winter is over, spring is here and we thought it would be a good idea to remind you about the work carried out by the Independent Tenant Advice Team.

In a big redevelopment project it’s sometimes difficult to make sense of what’s going on and residents can feel a bit lost in the face of so much change. The Independent Tenant Advice Service is here to provide support and impartial advice to all residents and keep you involved at every stage of the regeneration. We do this by working closely with the Residents’ Steering Group who can make decisions and also get answers for any concerns that residents have with the regeneration.

We also provide an advocacy service for residents experiencing individual problems and may be unsure about their housing options.

We also aim as much as we can to help residents influence what is going on. Back in February at the Residents’ Public Meeting, Victoria Whenray from Conran & Partners paid tribute to the work of residents on the Design Group who worked alongside the architects on the designs for Phase 2. It’s thanks to their hard work that in Phase 2 there will be more flexibility over layouts and some of the properties will have projecting balconies.

Just to let you know about a few changes to the way we will be working with you. The monthly public “themed” meetings will now be held on a quarterly basis. This will allow us to plan and publicise the meetings better and make them even more successful. We’ll be working hard to make sure that residents are kept up-to-date between the meetings.

We want to involve as many residents as possible in our work and capture the variety of views held in the local community. That’s why we are organising special events with groups that may not usually attend our quarterly public meetings. We’ll be organising a meeting for young people (date to be confirmed) as well as one specifically for women, which is taking place in the Venture Centre on Wednesday 30 April. Look out for future publicity advertising these events on flyers and on notice boards. The Committee will continue to meet monthly and we’ll be continuing our outreach activities and talking to as many of you as we can.

For more information about the ITA service please contact Mekor Newman (Lead Advisor) or Howard Mendick:
07780 309 046
Freephone: 0800 644 6040

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