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Your Credit Union

You might be looking at credit options for that new piece of furniture that will make your new house a real home. You might have been turned down for credit in the past or be worried about your credit rating. You might also want to start saving small amounts regularly for a rainy day.

You need to know about Your Credit Union. Your Credit Union was set up for people who live or work in our community to promote saving and responsible, considerate lending. Members are able to apply for a loan as well as start saving as soon they join and the team will consider your individual circumstances with sensitivity, understanding that not everybody has a great credit history.

The credit union is local, ethical and part-funded by Catalyst for the benefit of the local community. Joining means that your money will be put to good use, helping to support local households and benefitting the local economy.

For more information or to join you can call the team on 020 7605 6341 or visit one of their local pop up venues:

Mondays 1.30pm–4pm at the Beethoven Centre,
Third Avenue W10 4JL.

Thursdays 12pm–3pm at the Dalgarno Community Centre,
Dalgarno Way W10 5QB.