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Residents Influence Phase 2 Designs

The Planning Application for Phase 2 of the redevelopment was submitted to the Council on 27 February. This was also the date of an event we had organised so that people could see how the buildings will look and how residents’ suggestions have been incorporated into the designs.

There are a number of changes to the final design as submitted in the application that have been made because of issues raised by residents.

For example the balconies in Phase 2 will all be big enough for a table and enough chairs for the number of people living there and will be private and protected. There are a range of balcony designs, some are projecting and others are recessed and there are a range of different materials including glass, railings and metal finishes.

The layout of the flats has also been improved. All homes with 3 or more bedrooms, and as many 2 bedroom flats as possible, have separate kitchens. All kitchens have windows except for a small number of 2 bedroom flats overlooking Wornington Road. All rooms are regular shapes (e.g. with square corners) and exceed the Mayor’s London Housing Design space standards, which are more generous than Parker Morris standards.

The application will be considered by the Council’s Major Planning Development Committee. To meet their 13 week target for making a decision on all planning applications, the committee date would be 13 May 2014.

The finishes in the communal areas, are not part of the planning submission. We will continue to talk to residents on the Residents’ Steering Group about these details.