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Demolition of Telford & Lionel Houses

The soft strip of the section of Telford House which is being demolished is underway. Physical demolition cannot start until the gas has been disconnected from the part of the block to be demolished and a new connection made to the occupied section. As soon as the utility company give us a date for the work, we will be able to publish dates for the partial demolition of Telford House.

Work has started to install scaffolding around Lionel House in preparation for the physical demolition. The first stage will be cutting through the walkways between Lionel House and Watts and Chiltern Houses. This will be noisy and will take approximately two weeks. This will be followed by a further three to four weeks of physical demolition.

Following the physical demolition, rubble will be crushed on site before being taken away. This will also be noisy. We anticipate that the demolition will be complete by the end of April 2014.

We apologise in advance for the disturbance these works could cause. The building will be sprayed with water to reduce airborne dust. We will carry out these works as quickly as possible to minimise the disturbance caused.

If you have any questions about the construction or demolition work please contact Ardmore’s Resident Liaison Officer, Maria Cunnea, on 07747 862 022 or email her at