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FAQs – about the new development

1. In relation to the Phase 2 Application please summarise any key differences in design compared to Phase 1 and why?

To design Phase 2 our architects, Conran & Partners, have studied the local area and listened to residents’ preferences to create an equally strong but different identity through the use of colour and materials.

Over the entrance to the mews, a section of the building is covered in tiles, which would create a local landmark while reflecting the character of the local area. The shop fronts facing onto Portobello Road will be in glazed bricks of subtly different shades of blue and green similar to the old pubs in the area.

Metalwork also introduces colour by proposing bronze, silver and gold– coloured metal for railings, between balconies and on rooftop homes.

The council’s planners have indicated that they would be prepared to consider projecting balconies on one block, so the proposals for the front of the building facing onto the space in front of the new Venture Centre has balconies which are clad in reflective metal. The block fronting onto Wornington Road will have “winter gardens” which are glazed balconies. These changes will offer a wider variety of outdoor spaces for residents.

2. How long will Catalyst be based at the new office?

As you know the Catalyst Kensington Office has moved to 314b Ladbroke Grove W10 5NQ.

Work is already underway to convert the site of the old office (blue portacabin) on Portobello Road into temporary green space as part of the ongoing redevelopment of Wornington Green.

Catalyst is committed to having a local presence throughout the regeneration. We expect to be in our new office for at least five years. If you haven’t visited our new offices yet, do pop in when you get a chance!

3. What will happen to the sales suite at 354 Portobello Road?

The marketing suite at 354 Portobello Road is now closed. It was in the section of Telford House that is about to be demolished to enable us to deliver the new homes in Block 2 more quickly.

A temporary marketing suite is now in use on Munro Mews until the end of March. We will then open a show home in one of the new town houses in Block 3 which will act as the marketing suite for the town houses.

4. Please provide an update on any restrictions on furnishings (e.g. curtains), balcony furniture, plants.

As you know, the new development has Neighbourhood Rules to ensure that high standards are maintained for all of our residents from day one.

The same rules will apply to everyone, regardless of whether they are Catalyst or private tenants, home owners or living in shared ownership properties. The rules will help to ensure that everyone is considerate to their neighbours and that the new development is a safe, clean and welcoming place for everyone that lives there.

Specific rules have been developed for balconies and window appearance (e.g. curtains). These are:


You are unable to:

  • Store anything on your balcony, other than a suitable patio type table and chairs.
  • Have barbeques under any circumstances; this includes disposable barbeques. This is a requirement of the Building Insurance policy and in the event of a claim; the policy would not pay for resultant damage to the building, your property, or that of your neighbours.
  • Store gas bottles in the property or on any terrace or balcony for the same reasons.
  • Keep bicycles on the balcony or terrace of any apartment, cycle stores are provided.
  • Dry laundry on balconies (this includes airing of rugs and carpets).
  • Attach hanging baskets and trellises to the building structure or window boxes to balcony railings.
  • Have large plant pots on your balcony. Plant containers should not exceed 12 inches in diameter. This is to ensure the weight of the planter complies with the weight restriction allowance for the balcony.
  • Water plants with a hose, due to the likely overflow of water onto properties below.
  • Change the colour of the windows or railings to your balcony.
  • Change or decorate any walls or doors on the balcony or in the communal areas or remove the balcony floor surface.

Window Treatments

  • Windows should be dressed with curtains or blinds suitable for a residential home, with light (white or cream) coloured backing.

You are unable to:

  • Hang blankets, towels or newspapers to cover windows.
  • Display advertisement boards of any kind in your windows.
  • Change the colour or design of your windows.